Infrared Camera Systems Minimise Product Waste from Testing Procedures

Active thermography in the production of CFC plates

Material tests using thermal imaging save time and costs as test objects will not be destroyed during process. They can be used for further testing or locating quality problems that could be corrected. NDT tests with infrared camera systems provide good solutions with greater applications as they can be used for a wide range of different materials and types of defects. A huge advantage is that thermographic testing procedures can be applied to larger areas at once in comparison to ultrasonic or other methods that focus on smaller zones.

Passive Thermography as well as Active Heat Flow Thermography Locates Defects

Which method of thermography is used for material testing depends decisively on the question of the origin of the heating of the test object. In one test mode, it could stem directly from heating the test object gains during its production process. This case is referred to as passive thermography. The other possibility is called active heat flow thermography or just active thermography. This is when the test object will be thermally activated by an external energy input for instance by a halogen radiator or a flash lamp.

Stress test on a truck axle

Case Studies about Material Testing

Using Thermal Imaging for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines - Picture Credits: © visdia /
Usage of ImageIR® 8300 for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines

Thermography for Optimisation of Installed Wind Turbines

Due to the decreasing number of suitable locations for wind turbines and the increasing push towards renewable energy sources, new activities have been introduced to improve the efficiency of rotor blades for wind turbines.

ARAMIS system from GOM - Picture credits: GOM GmbH
Further information about ARAMIS system from GOM and infrared cameras from InfraTec

Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Thermographic Measurements

The combination of measuring results from the digital image correlation (ARAMIS, DIC) and temperature measuring data from infrared cameras permits the simultaneous analysis of the thermal and mechanical behavior of test specimens in the materials and components testing field.

Thermography InfraTec CWD wind turbines testing
Usage of VarioCAM® HD research for torque measurement

Precise MN·m Torque Measurement in Wind Turbine Test Benches

The generation of electricity power produced by wind turbines is expanding worldwide. This development is associated directly with an increasing demand to test the product reliability, functionality and life durability of wind turbine subsystems like the drive train.

Quality Assurance with Active Thermography
Usage of ImageIR® to test laser welds of body components

Quality Assurance with Active Thermography

Non-destructive testing methods are becoming increasingly more important in the industry. One reason is that they cost much less than other test methods. As a very elegant method, the active heat flow thermography method is now firmly established as a powerful method of non-contact and non-destructive testing of products of different manufacturing technologies.

Thermographic testing of turbine blades - Picture credits: © photosoup /
Usage of ImageIR® 8320 for quality assurance at Siemens AG

Thermography for Quality Assurance

Today gas and steam turbine power plants by the SIEMENS AG are more than ever complex high-tech products. Heavily stressed parts like the turbine blades are tested with the latest measurement techniques for example with infrared thermography.

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals
High‐End‐Thermography with ImageIR® 8300 hp

Thermal Stress Analysis of Metals

Stress changes during tensile testing provide information about material properties of metals such as tensile strength. With the help of thermographic cameras metallic solid bodies can be tested for such stress changes.

Thermografische Kontrolle einer Fusionsanlage - Divertor
Read more about thermographic analysis of a fusion plant with ImageIR® 9300

Monitoring Plasma at Wendelstein 7-X

What will the energy supply of the future look like? The Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald is dealing with this question.

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Lock-In Thermography is Integrated in IRBIS® 3 Software

Material stress test


Active thermography can detect defects even more precisely when the activation of the test object will be carried out in a pulsed mode. Thereby it will be possible to detect faults which are located in deeper subsurface layers. Such analysis algorithms like the one of lock-in thermography are already available as a module of the IRBIS® 3 software family. The adaptation to the specific application can be done quite easily with flexibility. InfraTec can also provide customer specific and complete active thermography test solutions.

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GOM Webinar – ARAMIS DIC and thermography

GOM Webinar – ARAMIS DIC and thermography


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