Press Releases of InfraTec

When looking for up-to-date news about InfraTec, you are in the right place. In addition to press releases, you will find the latest flyers on our products as well as case studies from our customers on the following pages. The InfraTec Newsletter provides you with an overview of developments in the infrared measurement technology division.

On request, we can also provide you with further photo and video material.

  • Thermal imaging camera series ImageIR® with MicroScan from InfraTec

    An Eye for Detail

    MicroScan significantly increases the geometrical resolution capability of the ImageIR® camera series

    InfraTec introduces an option to quadruple for the first time the image format for a radiometric thermography camera used in the civil sector with...

  • PYROMID® multi channel detector LRM-284


    The latest development from InfraTec is extending the family of miniaturised multi channel detectors by benefits of current mode

    Pyroelectric detectors in current mode have been the state-of-the-art for a long time. Anyone looking for miniaturised multi channel detectors with...

  • Broadband, solderable infrared window for pyroelectric detectors

    Play it Safe

    InfraTec will be protecting its detectors from high humidity in future by specially developed infrared windows.

    Pyroelectric detectors are sensitive components. A new broadband, solderable infrared window ensures a precisely defined atmosphere within their...

  • Miniaturised detectors from InfraTec

    Cutting Edge Technology in Most Confined Spaces

    InfraTec introduces a complete series of miniaturized multi channel detectors

    The demand for most advanced sensor technology is increasing throughout the world. Aware of these needs of industry and science InfraTec makes use of...

  • Draft of an injection moulded carrier before the production of the second 400 samples

    New fundamental element

    InfraTec wants to further improve its detectors in the future with chip carriers made of plastic

    InfraTec is carrying out research on chip carriers made of injection moulded metallised plastic.

  • Thermal Image of the Moon at Winter Solstice

    Rare moment

    The moon is always worth a look. Even more if you use a high-end thermography camera for watching.