Infrared camera
VarioVIEW™ 75

A multivalent tool for all kinds of daily operations by homeland security forces.

  • Person detection up to 2.7 km, vehicle detection up to 5.6 km and higher
  • A maximum of spatial resolution by utilizing uncooled, European (640x480) pixel detector
  • Unsurpassed simple user interface
  • Maintenance-free permanent operation possible

Details about infrared camera

  • Spectral range: 7,5 ... 14 µm
  • Detector type/format: FLIR  with uncooled microbolometer focal plane array, (640 x 480) IR pixel
  • Thermal resolution at 30 °C: better than 0.03 K
  • IR frame rate: 25/30 Hz
  • Lens: 55 mm (11 x 8)°
  • Electronical zoom: 2x and 4x
  • Laser rangefinder: Diode laser, 1,550 nm operational wavelength, eyesafe
  • Measuring range LRF: (50 ... 5.000) m
  • Viewfinder: Binocular, monochrome OLED, brightness adjustable
  • A/D conversion: 14 bit
  • Interface: PAL/NTSC video, FireWire IEEE1394, external power supply (12 ... 24) VDC
  • Power supply: Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, quickcharge option,
    up to 6 hours operational lifetime
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

The handheld VarioVIEW™ 75 thermal binocular combines extended range performance with high resolution and maximum mobility for a broad variety of homeland security applications. It offers a detection range of persons up to 2.7 km and usually a detection range of 5.6 to 7.5 km for ground vehicles. The top features of this FLIR (=Forward Looking InfraRed) are:

Infrared sensor

The heart of the VarioVIEW™ 75 thermal core is a (640 x 480) pixel sensor utilizing an uncooled focal plane array. The low-noise sensor system works with an amorphous silicon detector. The thermal resolution is a better than 0.03 K. Next to  the image quality a very long lifetime and low maintenance level are further advantages of this system.

Lens/optical system

The infrared camera VarioVIEW™ 75 is provided with a high-resolution, fast f/1 Germanium lens. The rigid lens system is modified with an additional DLC coating for durability and enhanced transmission. The viewfinder eyepieces offer an adjustable interpupillary distance and long eye-relief for extending observation sessions. The OLED viewfinder display is offering a (800 x 600) pixel resolution, its very large brightness adjustment range allows perfect viewing under any light conditions. Glare and counterintelligence measure are suppressed by this feature. Depending on model, lenses with the aperture of f/1.0 will be used.

Laser rangefinder

A high-precision eyesafe laser rangefinder is integrated into the VarioVIEW™ body, it allows measurements up to 5 km distance. Due to the operational wavelength of 1,550 nm it cannot be detected by the image intensifiers of tube-based night vision devices.

Control buttons

The ergonomical user interface of VarioVIEW™ 75 is operated via 2x3 buttons, they can be used even with gloves on. The straightforward menu structure is very easy to understand and allows efficient operation with a minimum of training efforts. 


A variety of choices and flexibility are additional benefits of the infrared binocular VarioVIEW™ 75, this is supported by the different interfaces. They allow attaching to analogue video monitors or recorders, digital image and control data transmission via serial or FireWire PC interface and different external power supplies.

Internal power supply

For a maximum of independence from external power sources VarioVIEW™ 75 is using powerful rechargeable Lithium ion batteries that offer up to 6 hours of continous operation. Instead of special camera solutions an industrial solution available worldwide has been chosen.


The light-weight body is made of an enforced Aluminum alloy, its construction protects the delicate sensor technology and fine mechanics during daily harsh operational conditions of a security authority.

Tripod adapter

The standardized tripod adapter allows attaching this FLIR to all kinds of video heads or pan-tilt solutions, both during long-term observations and deployed operation.

The infrared camera VarioVIEW™ is also available without laser rangerfinder (version ec) and with 9 Hz frame rate (version sl), respectively.

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Applications areas for infrared camera

  • Investigation

    State-of-the-art infrared technology expands the options of the Police´s investigation capabilities via increasing range performance, 24/7 operation options and completely passive technology.

  • Surveillance at a SAR operation

    Powerful, uncooled thermal sensors and innovative optical design create a maximum range performance and high image resolution for quick missions and long-term observation tasks.

  • Border guard
    Border guard

    Comprehensive guarding of border areas and the related hinterland is perfectly handled by mobile infrared cameras with top-class range performance. Their mobility and efficiency supports contemporary border guard units even during very limited observation conditions.

  • Harbour protection
    Harbour protection

    All over the world seaports and inner harbors are very special critical infrastructure locations. By using mobile infrared cameras extended and inaccessible units can be guarded safely and comprehensively.

  • Security - Search and rescue
    Search and rescue

    Infrared cameras are indispensable tools for searching and rescueing missed persons, casualties or wreckage debris. All around the clock high-sensitivity infrared sensors can provide substantial aid even under limited visibility conditions, they help to save lives.

  • Security - Site protection
    Site protection

    High-resolution, long-range infrared cameras allow efficient guarding and protection of critical infrastructure areas all around the clock. Dedicated using of infrared systems allow in-time realization of effective counteractive measures.