Infrared camera series VarioCAM ® HDx head 600 security

VarioCAM ® HDx head 600 security, thermal infrared camera system for fixed use, provides price-conscious users the entry to thermography-based solutions for security and surveillance applications at high-end level.

  • Uncooled high-performance detector in (640 × 480) IR pixels format for noiseless long-term observations
  • Robust light metal housing allows application under harsh environmental conditions
  • Personnel detection range up to 2.0 km
  • Vehicle detection range up to 4.2 km

Details about infrared camera

Spectral range

(7.5 ... 14) µm


Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array

Detector format (IR pixels)

(640 x 480)

Temperature measuring range

(-40 … 600) °C, optional up to 1.200 °C*

Measurement accuracy

± 2 °C or ± 2 %

Temperature resolution @ 30 °C

Up to 0,03 K*

Frame rate

Full frame: 30 Hz (640 × 480), sub frame: 60 Hz (384 × 288)

Window mode*


Storage media

SDHC Card, external control computer for camera control and data acquisition*

Image storage

Time-, trigger- und temperature controlled recording of 16 bit single frames or image sequences with
timestamp, video streaming in MPEG format

Lens mount

Automatic objective detection


Motor-driven, automatic or manual, accurately adjustable


Up to 32x digital, stepless

Personnel detection range

Up to 2.0 km with 40 mm lens


Vehicle detection range

Up to 4.2 km with 40 mm lens

Dynamic range

16 bit


GigE Vision, DVI-D (HDMI), C-Video, RS232, WLAN*, Process interface*


2 × digital I/O, 2 × analogue I/O

Tripod adapter

1/4" photo thread

Power supply

AC adapter, (12 … 24) V DC, PoE*

Storage and operation temperature

(-40 … 70) °C, (-25 … 55) °C

Protection degree

IP54, IEC 60529, IP67 with screw-on interface*

Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation

25 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 29), 2 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 6)

Dimensions, weight

(221 × 90 × 94) mm, 1.15 kg (basic configuration with standard lens)

Further functions*

Camera internal emissivity correction, shutter free operation, temperature alarm

Analysis and evaluation software*

IRBIS ® 3, IRBIS ® 3 plus, IRBIS ® 3 professional, IRBIS ® 3 view, IRBIS ® 3 remote, IRBIS ® 3 online,
IRBIS ® 3 process, IRBIS ® 3 vision, IRBIS ® 3 active, IRBIS ® 3 mosaic


*Depending on model

Application areas for infrared camera

  • Investigation

    State-of-the-art infrared technology expands the options of the Police´s investigation capabilities via increasing range performance, 24/7 operation options and completely passive technology.

  • Surveillance at a SAR operation

    Powerful, uncooled thermal sensors and innovative optical design create a maximum range performance and high image resolution for quick missions and long-term observation tasks.

  • Border guard
    Border guard

    Comprehensive guarding of border areas and the related hinterland is perfectly handled by mobile infrared cameras with top-class range performance. Their mobility and efficiency supports contemporary border guard units even during very limited observation conditions.

  • Harbour protection
    Harbour protection

    All over the world seaports and inner harbors are very special critical infrastructure locations. By using mobile infrared cameras extended and inaccessible units can be guarded safely and comprehensively.

  • Security - Site protection
    Site protection

    High-resolution, long-range infrared cameras allow efficient guarding and protection of critical infrastructure areas all around the clock. Dedicated using of infrared systems allow in-time realization of effective counteractive measures.

  • Security - Search and rescue
    Search and rescue

    Infrared cameras are indispensable tools for searching and rescueing missed persons, casualties or wreckage debris. All around the clock high-sensitivity infrared sensors can provide substantial aid even under limited visibility conditions, they help to save lives.

Function of infrared cameras series VarioCAM ® HD head security

Unrestricted operation of the infrared camera in harsh industrial environments

The robust light metal housing (protection degree IP67*) is ergonomically flexible designed according to  the users needs. It provides reliable protection for the high sensitive optronics of the device. In addition, it guarantees trouble-free operation even in harsh industrial environments and keeps constant the excellent optical and metrological performance parameters of the device over a long service life. The high-resolution, light intensive colour display of the infrared camera is integrated in the light metal housing. In this way a long-term and trouble-free operation of the VarioCAM ® HD head is guaranteed. The usage of a high-quality LEMO connector technology ensures a high protection degree of the infrared camera even for computer-based network operations.

Detection of minor defects through high thermal resolution

The thermal resolution describes the process to dissolve slightest temperature differences and thus, can display this measurement value. The infrared cameras of the VarioCAM ® HDx head security series have a high thermal resolution of better than 0.03 K that helps to display even slightest temperature differences with accuracy. In combination with the high-performance lenses this helps to detect critical faults at an early stage and display these in excellent quality.

Comprehensive range of precision interchangeable lenses enables for a wide range of applications

Due to the comprehensive range of lenses for infrared cameras, a wide range of measurement objects is available, starting with micro thermography to telephoto lens applications for objects in a large distance. The optics of the VarioCAM ® HDx head security series were designed as uncompromising full lenses with high transmission and transmission quality as well as low distortion.

Autofocus for optimal focusing

Constantly changing object scenes require manual or automatic refocusing activated by the user. The optional permanent autofocus function facilitates this work. In case there is a scene change the camera automatically adopts fast and precise the optimal focusing.

High-precision calibration of infrared cameras enables for high accuracy of measurements

The infrared camera VarioCAM ® HDx is calibrated using special algorithms. The specially developed calibration algorithm, with more than just a few calibration curves, is used for compensation of temperature fluctuations. Therefore, highest measuring accuracy and repeatability even at changing environmental temperatures is ensured. The exceptional high measuring accuracy can be reached across a wide temperature range.

Fast and detailed analysis using the integrated IRBIS ® 3 software package

The efficiency of an infrared camera significantly depends on its data analysis software. As a standard, the thermography software package IRBIS ® 3 is included in each camera delivery. This software gives a fast, precise and detailed evaluation of obtained thermograms and sequences. With this, and the copy & paste function in all WINDOWS programmes a good basis is provided for comprehensive development work.

The numerous automatic functions, such as autofocus, automatic image optimisation, automatic hotspot display, automatic calibration range switch etc. enable a fast and effective operation.

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