Infrared camera series VarioCAM ® HD head security

Thermal infrared camera system for security and surveillance applications

  • Uncooled FPA detector with
    (640 x 480) or (1,024 x 768) IR pixels 
  • Noiseless long-term observations
  • Personnel detection range up
    to 6.1 km
  • Vehicle detection range up
    to 10.7 km

Details about infrared camera

Spectral range

(7.5 ... 14) µm


Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array

Detector formats (IR pixels)

(1,024 x 768) IR pixels, (640 x 480) IR pixels 

Image formats with optomechanical Microscan

(2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels, (1,280 x 960) IR pixels 

Temperature measuring range

(-40 ... 1,200) °C, optional > 2,000 °C

Measurement accuracy

± 1.5 °C or ± 1.5 %, optional ± 1°C or ± 1 %

Temperature resolution @ 30 °C

Better than 0.05 K, optional < 0.04 K

Frame rate

30 Hz (full frame) / 60 Hz (640 x 480) / 120 Hz* (384 x 288) / 240 Hz* (1,024 x 96)

Window mode

Half frame mode/quarter frame mode/line mode

Storage media

SDHC card, external control computer

Image storage

Time-, trigger- und temperature controlled recording of 16 bit single frames or image sequences (films) with timestamp, video streaming in MPEG format, inside the camera or on external control computer *

Lens mount

Bayonet or screw-on interface to comfortably switch objectives, automatic objective detection and data transfer


Motor-driven, automatic or manual, accurately adjustable, laser-supported autofocus


Up to 32x digital, stepless

Personnel detection range

Up to 6.1 km

Vehicle detection range

Up to 10.7 km

Dynamic range

16 bit


GigE, DVI-D, C-Video, RS232, trigger, WLAN, USB 2.0


2 x digitaL I/O, 2 x analogue I/O

Tripod connection

1/4" photo thread

Power supply

Power supply adapter or PoE*

Storage temperature

(-40 … 70) °C

Operation temperature

(-25 ... 50) °C

Protection degree

IP67 or IP54, IEC 60529

Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation

25 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 29), 2 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 6)


(190 x 90 x 94) mm


1.15 kg

Automatic functions

Autofocus, Autoimage, Autolevel, Min./Max.-temperature alarm: visual/acoustic, alarm triggered image storage

Measurement functions

8 free selectable, movable measurement fields/-points, automatic hot/cold spot display, global and internal defined measurement fields, differential temperature measurement: temporally/locally, temperature profile, histogram, differential image, isotherms display

Other functions

Camera internal emissivity correction, shutter free operation, use of various colour sets, contrast enhancement, user profile, language selection etc.

Software packages for camera remote control, data acquisition, analysis and reporting

IRBIS ® 3, IRBIS ® 3 view, IRBIS ® 3 plus*, IRBIS ® 3 professional*, IRBIS ® 3 report*, IRBIS ® 3 remote, IRBIS ® 3 online, IRBIS ® 3 vision*


*Depending on model   

Application areas for infrared camera

  • Investigation

    State-of-the-art infrared technology expands the options of the Police´s investigation capabilities via increasing range performance, 24/7 operation options and completely passive technology.

  • Surveillance at a SAR operation

    Powerful, uncooled thermal sensors and innovative optical design create a maximum range performance and high image resolution for quick missions and long-term observation tasks.

  • Border guard
    Border guard

    Comprehensive guarding of border areas and the related hinterland is perfectly handled by mobile infrared cameras with top-class range performance. Their mobility and efficiency supports contemporary border guard units even during very limited observation conditions.

  • Harbour protection
    Harbour protection

    All over the world seaports and inner harbors are very special critical infrastructure locations. By using mobile infrared cameras extended and inaccessible units can be guarded safely and comprehensively.

  • Security - Site protection
    Site protection

    High-resolution, long-range infrared cameras allow efficient guarding and protection of critical infrastructure areas all around the clock. Dedicated using of infrared systems allow in-time realization of effective counteractive measures.

  • Security - Search and rescue
    Search and rescue

    Infrared cameras are indispensable tools for searching and rescueing missed persons, casualties or wreckage debris. All around the clock high-sensitivity infrared sensors can provide substantial aid even under limited visibility conditions, they help to save lives.

Features of VarioCAM ® HD head security

The thermographic high-resolution system VarioCAM ® HD head security is based on an uncooled microbolometer FPA detector of the latest generation with (640 x 480) or (1,024 x 768) IR pixels and was conceived for demanding monitoring and measurement tasks in stationary or vehicle-mounted operation. Images with resolutions of up to 3.1 Megapixels can be taken in combination with the integrated MicroScan feature, which was designed for continuous operation.

The VarioCAM ® HD head security generates brilliant 16-bit thermographic images of highest quality and offers unprecedented measurement ranges and efficiency, especially during day and night detection and identification of distant persons and vehicles. The various sets of equipment make it easy to adjust the setup to the respective measurement task: The application range includes automatic threshold recognition and signalling up to digital realtime image acquisition via Gigabit-Ethernet. The all-weather light metal housing (IP67) allows trouble-free and inexpensive operation under harsh weather conditions. 

The big standard temperature range, a complete optical assortment as well as the extensive equipment and the powerful IRBIS ® 3 software for thermographic data acquisition and evaluation make the VarioCAM ® HD head security an ideal tool for monitoring and investigation. With the application-specific configuration, this stationary thermographic system is even suited for tasks, which require continuous and automatic operation.


  • Remote sensing and monitoring
  • Integration in system solutions for ground vehicles, helicopters and maritime applications
  • Undercover investigations from greater distances
  • Stationary protection of critical infrastructure

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