Infrared cameras for professional and universal use

InfraTec offers a wide range of universal infrared camera models. These include the stationary and mobile universal and professional cameras of the camera series
VarioCAM  ® High Definition and VarioCAM  ® HDx.

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Professional and universal cameras

Illustration of the geometric resolution based on a photovoltaic image

Individual Equipment for Every Application

The mobile thermography cameras of the product series VarioCAM ® High Definition and VarioCAM ® HDx, conceived for professional use, are the result of close, long-standing cooperation between InfraTec and the premium manufacturer Jenoptik. Their detector formats range from (640 x 480) to (1,024 x 768) IR pixels. 

In connection with the continuously operating opto-mechanical Microscan feature, image resolutions of up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels can be achieved. Both product series stand out due to their excellent quality, high measurement precision and extensive equipment and accessory assortment.

Detector formats of the infrared camera series VarioCAM ® High Definition and VarioCAM ® HDx

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Modular camera system

The modular system concept provides the opportunity to choose between numerous different equipment and performance options. This allows for individual adjustment to your specific demand and application focus. Therefore, these infrared cameras can be used for nearly every task – from predictive maintenance to process optimisation, quality assurance, assembly optimisation to complex tasks for research and development purposes.    

For detailed and comfortable analysis of all captured thermographic image data, the thermography software family IRBIS ® 3 is available – including a package of application specific expansion modules. Based on its modular concept the software permits a tailored program configuration and facilitates its use in any field of infrared thermographic measurement and testing.

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Application areas for infrared cameras

  • Thermography in Research and development
    Research and development

    Measure precisely and fast, analyze most detailled and still remain flexible with the modular concept and the wide range of accessories of InfraTec.

  • Thermography for process optimization
    Process optimization

    Make your processes more efficient and improve product quality using infrared camera systems.

  • Thermography investigation
    Observation & determintation

    Observation tasks for applications like investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges for the related authorities. Powerful infrared cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays.

  • Thermography for predictive maintenance
    Predictive maintenance

    Inspections with infrared camera systems help you to avoid production losses, to secure product quality and to save energy.

  • Building thermography
    Building thermography

    Save money doing thermographic building thermography by using a high performance infrared camera and expert software.

  • Thermography in medicine

    Infrared camera systems help you to efficiently diagnose multiple illnesses with high certainty.

  • Aerial Thermography
    Aerial Thermography

    Detec persons and objects in the field or monitor wide-area geologic properties or environmental damages.

  • Thermography Automation

    Automatically control temperature distributions and developments – InfraTec implements or expands your process control with infrared camera systems.

Case studies

Case studies of professional and universal infrared cameras

Thermographic cameras of the product series VarioCAM  ® High Definition and VarioCAM ® high resolution are applied with great success in various specialist fields.