Infrared camera models for stationary use

The stationary infrared cameras of the VarioCAM ® HD head, VarioCAM ® HDx head, VarioTHERM ® InSb and PIR uc series with their solid light metal housings are suitable for fixed use under harsh process conditions.

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Stationary Industrial Systems

The solid construction and compact body dimensions of InfraTec's stationary infrared camera modules, as well as their protection degree up to IP67 standard make them a useful tool for many application areas in research and industries requiring fixed installation.

Application areas of stationary thermographic systems:

  • Assembly control and process monitoring
  • Machine and plant monitoring
  • Real time thermography in research and development sector
  • Security technology and early fire detection
  • Stationary microthermography
  • Monitoring and control of fast processes

Stationary industrial camera systems

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Infrared camera series VarioCAM® HD head and VarioCAM® HDx head

Infrared camera series VarioCAM ® HD head and VarioCAM ® HDx head

The stationary industrial versions VarioCAM ® HD head and
VarioCAM ® HDx head with their compact light metal housing are especially suited for fixed mount stationary industrial applications in rough process environments, but also for computer-based laboratory tasks. The very high geometric resolution of up to (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels makes even smallest details visible. The application spectrum of these infrared camera series ranges from automatic threshold detection and signalling, configurable via RS232, to digital 50/60 Hz real-time image acquisition via Gigabit-Ethernet and online processing for computer-based process control. Both camera series are perfectly suited for various applications in research and industry, as well as for monitoring tasks, which require continuous and automatic operation.

Compact infrared camera modules PIR uc 180

Compact camera modules PIR uc for stationary use

The very compact infrared camera modules PIR uc 180 and PIR uc 25 allow for entering in research and development thermography applications as well as in process control applications. In combination with the thermography software IRBIS ® 3 online, the PIR uc 180 captures digital thermography data with a geometric resolution of (160 x 120) resp. (320 x 240) IR pixels and an image refresh rate of up to 100 Hz.

The high-resolution PIR uc SWIR HD 800 is a very compact thermographic camera, which works in the short-wave spectral range and is used preferably for contactless temperature measurement on metal surfaces because of its spectral characteristics. The robust industrial camera is based on a high-resolution Si-CMOS array with (1,280 × 1,024) IR pixels and enables images in HD quality.

The robust structure makes the PIR uc modules a useful tool for industrial applications.

Infrared camera VarioTHERM® InSb

Infrared camera VarioTHERM ® InSb

The infrared camera VarioTHERM ® InSb works with the spectral range of medium infrared (MWIR) at (2 … 5) µm and can be equipped with up to four optional, motor-swivelled spectral filters. It is therefore perfectly suited for thermographic measurements of special materials, such as metals, plastics, glass or gases and flames. With the high geometric resolution of (640 x 512) IR pixels, even smallest details are visible. The extremely small construction of the VarioTHERM ® InSb in combination with a modern interface concept and the availability of a wide range of interchangeable lenses allows an easy integration into all-in-one solutions.

High-end thermography series ImageIR®

High-end thermography series ImageIR ®

Also, the high-end infrared camera series of ImageIR ® from InfraTec are fully suitable for industrial use by using high quality components.

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Application areas for infrared cameras

  • Thermography in Research and development
    Research and development

    Measure precisely and fast, analyze most detailled and still remain flexible with the modular concept and the wide range of accessories of InfraTec.

  • Thermography for process optimization
    Process optimization

    Make your processes more efficient and improve product quality using infrared camera systems.

  • Aerial Thermography
    Aerial Thermography

    Detec persons and objects in the field or monitor wide-area geologic properties or environmental damages.

  • Thermografie Automation

    Kontrollieren Sie Temperaturverteilungen und -entwicklungen automatisch mit Thermografie-Messungen - InfraTec schafft oder erweitert Ihre Systemsteuerung mit einer Wärmebildkamera.

  • Thermography in medicine

    Infrared camera systems help you to efficiently diagnose multiple illnesses with high certainty.

  • Thermography investigation
    Observation & determintation

    Observation tasks for applications like investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges for the related authorities. Powerful infrared cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays.