InfraTec detector and filter overview

  • Single channel detectors

    Single channel detectors

    Single-channel for gas analysis, flame detection and radiometry.

    • TO18 or TO39 housing
    • Thermal compensation
    • JFET or CMOS amplifier
  • InfraTec extended detectors

    Extended detectors

    Single-channel for analytical instruments and spectroscopy.

    • High performance
    • Fast response
    • Metal black coating
  • Multi channel detectors from InfraTec

    Multi channel detectors

    Dual, triple or quad channel for gas analysis and flame detection.

    • Available with reduced microphonic effect
    • JFET or CMOS amplifier
    • Beam splitter option
  • Variable color IR sensor (FPI)

    Tunable detectors (FPI)

    Spectrometer device for analytical and gas sensing instruments.

    • Electrostatic drive
    • > 1 µm tuning range
    • Resolving power λ/ Δλ up to 60
  • Detector search

    Detector search

    You don't know which detector is the best choice for you. No problem. With these search engine you get a tool, which allows you to separate our detectors by their individual parameter.

  • Infrared-detector from InfraTec


    Find out more about the latest developments of infrared-detectors from InfraTec.

  • InfraTec IR-Filter


    On the following page you will find information about the filters integrated in our detectors.